Thursday, 31 March 2016

Learning About the Maori Culture ...

Maori Protocol When Flax Weaving

This morning the Room 13 and 14 ALL students worked together to create Harakeke Puti Puti or Flax Flowers. 

WALHT make a flax flower
I can:
  • Say the Maori word for flax
  • Say the Maori word for flower
  • Use my hands to bend the flax to make a flower

To begin our lesson, we looked up online what the Maori Protocol was for flax weaving and together we pulled out the main rules or ideas. Below we compiled a list of what we should be mindful of when making our Harakeke Puti Puti
  • You should say a prayer of thanks before harvesting the flax 
  • Cut the flax on an downward angle
  • Never cut off the centre shoot of the flax
  • You should never walk over or step on the flax
  • You should not weave where you eat (keep food and drink away)
  • Your first weaving project is given away
  • You must wash your hands after weaving
  • You should never burn the scraps or leftover flax, it is returned to the ground
Here are some Room 13 photos

This is our writing we have done today about our learning experience:

Never cut the flax when it is night time or when it is raining. Always wash your hands after working with the flax. By Darius

In class we learned how to build a flax flower. It was very tricky for me because it was my first time making a flax flower. By Caden

Men are officially suppose to cut the hurikeke. We should never walk over the flax or step on it while working. By Xavier

When eating you can not make hurikeke flowers. Traditionally men cut the flax in the day time.
By Aleesha

When you make the flower you can not eat in the same spot. We also need to wash our hands after working with the flax. By Maryam

Never eat the flax. We wash our hands after working with it. It was very hard for me to fold the flower. By Michael

Here are some Room 14 photos

Kia Ora from Room 14

Kia Ora everyone, 

Room 14 students have been working very hard with their writing so far. Here they are - smiling with their Writing Learning Pathways. 

Keep an eye out for some of our awesome writing in the coming weeks...

William, Oceana and Izaria :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Room 9

We have been trying really hard with our learning in Room 9 and the ALL students are already making amazing progress. Olivia has already moved from Pre writing to 1B! That is an awesome achievement :-)
                                               Olivia's writing - With teacher support

                                            Hana's writing is coming along as well!

                                       Olivia has learnt a lot of her red words now!

                               A lovely note that I got from Olivia, she now enjoys writing at home as well as at school. It says 'I love Miss J.'

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Room 13

Today was our first intervention session with the students. We made use of the opportunity to get to know them better. They completed a survey about what they like about writing and what they think they would need some help with. Some very big thinking went into this.

Just before morning tea we were able to make Play dough. They had to follow the instruction to know what comes next. We will use the play dough for letter formation and tactile play.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Room 10 Writing Pathways

We are the Double Writers!

Welcome to our very first post!

Today was all about having some fun, sharing our ideas about writing, and setting some goals based on previous work.

As oral language is an important part of the writing process, we decided to make some play dough and talk about the experience. This encourages the use of  rich vocabulary which is a great platform for creating engaging pieces of writing.

We also we took turns. A necessary skill when working as part of a group!

Look at the detail in our work !

We used our senses to describe what the dough looked like, felt like...

...what we had made and why...

Then we planned our writing, using the pictures and our conversations to help us form sentences.

From this point we read our stories back and identified goals for our writing.
Look for these on our next post.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Welcome to the ALL (Accelerating Learning in Literacy) group blog. On this blog we hope to keep parents updated with the latest readings, documents and information related to the ALL intervention, so that you feel informed and knowledgeable about your child's work. This year, the focus of our ALL work is Writing. This work is being implemented in four classes in our school: - Year 1, Room 9 - Miss Amanda Jakubcik - Year 2, Room 10 - Miss Joanne Pulman - Years 2/3, Room 14 - Miss Sophie Glen - Years 2/3, Room 13 - Mrs Erna van Zyl The teachers will work with the students in their group every day, in addition to the classroom instruction they receive in writing. Students have been assessed to find out their strengths and learning needs and teachers will focus their instruction on these specific needs. We had a very successful parent meeting on Tuesday 15 March after school. Thank you to those parents who came and talked with us about the ALL intervention. At the meeting, the teachers presented a slideshow which gave an overview of the intervention, then talked with parents and students in groups. The teachers explained the year level expectations for the children, so that parents of Year 2 children, for instance, know what the expectations for writing are at this year level. The teachers then played spelling and word games with the children, followed by the children receiving some 'goodies' to inspire their writing - a notebook, a pen, a pencil and a highlighter pen. Below are some photos from this afternoon: