Sunday, 24 April 2016

Reading and Writing National Standards

The Ministry of Education website 'Te Kete Ipurangi' has a wealth of information available for educators, family and whanau, including information about the New Zealand National Standards. The pages relating to National Standards give illustrations of the reading and writing standards, showing expected levels of achievement and the skills, knowledge and strategies needed by students at each level of schooling in order to effectively work within the New Zealand Curriculum. At Reremoana School, we strive to develop our students' ability to achieve these standards. The ALL teachers are working closely with their ALL students to accelerate their achievement in writing, so that the students are well on their way to achieving the standard. It is interesting to view the information on the website and see which National Standard most closely matches your child's achievement in writing and what they are currently working to achieve. Please copy and paste the URLs below to view this information. After One Year at School: After Two Years at School: After Three Years at School: Helpful Information for Parents, Family and Whanau:

Sunday, 3 April 2016

William using his Spaceman today during Writing time!

Check out William during our Guided Writing today - he was so engaged and excited to do his recount writing from the weekend. 

William says "My Spaceman reminds me to finger space when I am writing". 

Miss Glen thinks William is doing a fantastic job using his Spaceman. Go William!