Saturday, 21 May 2016

I love my Mum!

During the first week back we worked on creating a poem to express how we feel about our mums.

We worked in pairs to describe mum's hair, eyes, smile and hands.

Using descriptive language: I was blown away by the emotive vocabulary and use of similies to describe mum's features.
To help us warm up we played the ......Mystery Object Game......
This where you put some items in a bag. Someone puts their hand in and describes the objects using their senses. This is helpful for encouraging rich language and something you can do at home too! Try it out on your siblings!

This is what clever writers do!
Revising: We read our work to decide if we had met the criteria and ask ourselves if there was any way we could improve or correct our ideas. Some of us changed words like grey to sliver so it sounded more exciting

Editing our work: Good writers read their work back to check for spelling mistakes and if punctuation is included.

If you can see some highlighting pen on the pages, this is where we focused on highlighting capital letters and full stops.
We got a point for every time we used a capital letter and full stop correctly!

We published these on Friday in time for Mother's Day.
I was very proud of my Double Writers. I am sure these brought a (happy) tear to Mum's eyes! Don't worry Dads, we will think of something for you too. Roll on September!

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