Saturday, 21 May 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

Room 10 and 13 joined together to create messages of kindness to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Mrs Van Zyl  showed us some pictures of tulips to help us create a flower shape for our messages.
We shared our ideas in pairs about who and why we wanted to give our messages of kindness to.

Mums and Dads were popular as well as cousins and friends.

As we wrote we used our growing knowledge of how segment and blend sounds to write tricky words correctly.
I think we all agreed the super fun part was publishing our work by using stickers, special felts and illustrations.

During this activity children were exposed to the idea that we write for many different reasons such as writing a quick message to share how we feel.

Room 10 and 13 children  hope you enjoy your special gift!

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