Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Writing Process

Have you ever wondered how we teach writing?
We follow a process which is used for every piece of writing we do.

First of all we plan
We decide on a purpose for writing. This could be to inform, entertain, explain or express a point of view. We set goals to help us meet the purpose, that way we stay on track!
Initially it is talk, talk, talk, to help us clarify what we want to say, sharing allows us to expand ideas. Recording planning may involve a picture with key words, a brainstorm, map or diagram.
It is a way of organising ideas before writing sentences

Use our plan to draft
This is where we take key ideas from our plan and write them down. A lot of thinking is happening here. What do we want to say first? what words do I want to use? How do I write these down? How can I structure my sentences?
Room 10 children are focusing heavily on stretching sounds out and writing them down. Sometimes this is single sounds ( a-n-d) other times it is chunking sound patterns we are learning ( sh-out-ed).

We try hard to write several different types of sentences using a growing range of vocabulary.

Revising our work
Revising is all about trying to improve our writing.  This could involve using language which best suits the purpose for writing ( scientific words, describing words etc). Thinking about how best to organise our ideas so our writing flows and makes sense. We usually reflect and ask ourselves questions in terms of meeting our writing goals

Editing our work

We read our work back again, but this time we are looking for spelling mistakes and punctuation. We underline/highlight words we are unsure of and use our word cards to fix some mistakes. We often get each other to check our work for their opinions!

Once all the other steps have been completed we decide on a way to best present it to our readers.
This could be done using various technologies, depending on the purpose. A card for a message, a video for a report, a big book to share with a class etc


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